The 7 Best Air Conditioners You Can Wear To Stay Cooler All Summer

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Wearable air conditioners hang around your neck and create a breeze to keep you cool when you’re on the go or in a stuffy room with no windows. These clever gadgets are made to look like headphones, so you won’t have to wear a weird-looking device to stay cool in the sweltering heat. They’re also lightweight, most of which can be used for 10 hours or more on a single charge.

They are also very cheap, with many good options on the market for less than $30. We can’t think of why anyone who wants to cool down wouldn’t buy a portable neck fan, especially since the other option is to wear a wet washcloth, which isn’t very good. Find out what we think are the best wearable air conditioners and what you need to consider before shopping.

What to think about

Wearable air conditioners all blow air on your face and neck and wrap around your body, but you’ll want to think about a few key differences between models. We’ve listed the most important things to pay attention to below.

Fan Type

There are two types of fans: those with blades and those without. Models without edges are usually quieter, but they can cost a little more. The options with blades aren’t always as good, but they’re cheaper, and the fans can be adjusted.

Battery Life

The battery life of your wearable air conditioner will depend on what you want to do with it. If you wear it while working outside, for example, you’ll want to ensure it has enough battery life to last the whole time.

Fan Speeds

Think about how hard you’d like the fans to blow on your neck. Almost all of these models have more than one speed, but some have more than others.

How We Picked

If you’re looking at this list, you might want a wearable air conditioner for a specific reason. So, to make it easier for you to choose, we’ve put our picks into different categories. During our research, we read many customer reviews to find out if there were any problems with the product. We also compared different models’ battery life, number of speeds, noise level, and other features to find the ones that worked well and were the best value. Lastly, all of the wearable air conditioners we talk about have an average rating of 4 stars or higher from customers.

1) JISULIFE Portable Neck Fan

The Jisulife Portable Neck Fan is a personal air conditioner that has almost everything you could want. It’s light, has no blades, 78 air outlets, three speeds, a long battery life, and a comfortable band so you can use it all day. It’s also not too expensive, which makes it a great value.

It is created of eco-friendly ABS and silicone and can be used with just one button. It charges quickly via USB-C and has a powerful turbine motor on both sides. In short, if you want a simple neck fan that will give you good airflow for most activities, this one is a good choice. That’s why we selected it as our finest overall pick.

2) TORRAS Coolify Portable Air Conditioner

Consider the Torras Coolify Portable Air Conditioner if you want the most cooling. This one has a built-in semiconductor cooling chip that can lower the skin temperature around your neck by up to 12 degrees.

The Torras also has a long-lasting battery, super-fast USB-C charging, a design without fan blades, and three fan speeds. This unique cooling technology does cost money, though, as this is the most expensive option we look at.

3) SWEETFUL Portable Neck Fan

If your main goal is to be comfortable for a long time, you’ll love the Sweetful Portable Neck Fan. This fan is good in every way: it has a good battery life, no blades, runs quietly, and has different fan speeds. It’s also tiny and light, and the neckband is extra-cushioned. The battery life might be better, and it can get as loud as 40dB, so it’s not the quietest.

4) NINETAILS Portable Neck Fan

Need a portable neck fan that you can take camping, to the beach, or train for a marathon with? You can use the Ninetails Portable Neck Fan. This neck fan’s extra-large battery pack lets it run on the low for up to 20 hours. The sweat-proof silicone neckband keeps you comfortable, and the USB-C port lets you charge it quickly so you can get it up and go.

5) DIESETSR Portable Neck Fan

The Diesetsr Portable Neck Fan cools in all directions, so your face and neck get a good amount of airflow. The soft band and low noise level (less than 20 dB) make it easy to wear for long periods, but the battery life is only average at best. Still, it’s a perfect choice, and it charges a little faster than other options and has a sleek design.

6) VEAMOR Portable Neck Fan

The Veamor Portable Neck Fan is a good choice if you want a portable air conditioner that can keep up with your workouts. This neck fan without blades stands out because it has a flexible silicone neckband and end pieces that can be moved.

It doesn’t get wet when you sweat and feels good on your skin when you run, lift, or exercise. The only awful thing about this fan is that the battery life isn’t as long as what we have available. At the lowest setting, it lasts 8 hours. Still, that’s probably more than enough time if you only use it for workouts.

7) FRSARA Portable Neck Fan

The FrSara Portable Neck Fan is the last thing you need to find if you want to stay calm and look great. With different colors and styles to pick from, it’s easy to find one that fits your style. But this portable air conditioner is stylish and has many features. The fan has no blades, is comfortable, and can be adjusted in some ways. Compared to other options, these don’t have the most extended battery life and are a bit pricey.

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