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Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google are already some of the best voice assistants on the market. They help customers make every task easier by letting them touch and speak. Siri is a great time saver and speech assistant for iOS users. 

It would be great to make an app that works like Siri, but do you know how to make a voice assistant app for the iPhone? Let’s learn everything we can about how to make a voice assistant app, why it’s so popular, and what it takes to create one.

What are Voice Assistance Applications?

Voice assistant applications are software that responds to natural language processing and works with other technology that does the same thing. Voice assistants are set up to take voice commands and answer immediately with an audio response that gives the exact information asked for.

You can use voice commands to play music, make a call, or open a specific app. If you have a smart home, you can also use voice commands to turn the lights in your rooms on and off. Well. Technology has a lot of ways to make things easier that wasn’t even possible before.

How Voice Assistants Work

Here’s how the best iOS app developers explain how a voice assistant works:

  • The user gives the virtual assistant an audio request, which is then turned into phonemes, the building blocks of language.
  • With the help of Speech-to-text, these phonemes are changed into different requests. It is saved in the JSON file, which also has more information about the user and the session.
  • The JSON will be processed in the cloud so that the content and request’s intent can be driven.
  • Later, the response will be sent based on the information found on the Internet and intended to be done as SSML or as a string inside a larger JSON file.
  • Then, the response will be handled by AI (Text-to-Speech), and the answer will be returned to the users.

Why are businesses shifting their focus toward voice assistants?

Let’s look at why voice assistant apps are so popular right now.

It’s super easy to use

Voice assistants are great for making things easy and smooth without interruptions or roadblocks. It’s a handy feature for people of all ages and backgrounds because all you have to do is speak your command, which can be done in more than one language.

Emotional Connections

You could be surprised to hear this, but the best iOS app development companies have a plan to make voice assistant apps that connect emotionally with customers by letting them talk to a personal assistant. This makes the users more likely to use voice assistants more often.

Instant Responses

Most users today want an answer to their questions immediately, and virtual assistant apps are the best way to get it. Users get responses to voice commands so quickly that it feels like they’re talking to a natural person. This is the most impressive thing about voice commands, which don’t require typing or even touching a smartphone or smart device.

Aspects of Technology

AI has made a big difference in developing many applications and has simultaneously added new features to NLP. Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and other popular voice assistant apps can appeal to young and older people because they make everything easy to use and understand.

Based on a survey done in 2019, 3.25 billion digital voice assistants are being used worldwide. In 2020, there were 4.2 billion voice assistants, so you should write that down. Even so, current predictions say that by 2024, there will be 8.4 billion digital voice assistants.

What’s the process of making voice assistants?

Here are the steps to help you understand how to make a voice assistant app.

Planned the Strategy

Voice assistants don’t all do the same thing, and your app should clearly know its long-term goals and who it’s for. In what way? So, as an example of one of the most popular voice assistants, Cortana is mainly used for business questions.

While Google Assistant is used for making everyday choices, taking this into account, you need to know what problem your app solves and what features it needs to attract users.

Integration with Tailored APIs and AI Applications

Since 2016, most third-party apps already have the option to work with Siri. It goes back to when Apple released Apple SiriKit, a great tool that lets you use Siri in two different ways. One is called intents, making fundamental decisions like when to call or send a message. This one is called Intents UI, while the other is Content UI. Content UI handles the custom content on the UI, like giving weather updates for the next few weeks.

Adding New Features

The following parts are needed to make an AI-based voice assistant for iPhone users: Speech to Text CMU Phoenix is a piece of programming that lets users turn their voice commands into text that can be used to move toward a goal that can be looked at and done. Time-to-Success is another feature. Like STT interaction, it is a cycle.

Making Choices

You’ve already made things by now. The company you hired will look at a user’s request, figure out what it means, and respond with AI improvements. The process involves tagging parts that are important to the users and can be used to make the response.

Recognizing Speech

Voice assistants will now be able to recognize the user with the help of the voice recognition system. It will help them get the right and most accurate answers. This can also help businesses know what to do when a voice assistant listens to every sound and acts on it, such as TV, radio, animal, etc.

Reducing the Length of Speech

The AI assistance feature is mainly in charge of giving users a quick answer. The primary server where users’ conversations are stored should be reliable and safe. Using the G.711 standard is best to deal with any data loss.

Testing for Experience

Once development is done and you have an app that works and meets the goals, it’s essential to do one last round of testing that improves the user experience. Before putting your app on the market, you must consider how it looks and how people will respond.


Creating your own AI digital assistant can be challenging if you don’t have clear goals and plans to follow along the way. We hope this piece has assisted you in studying more about making a voice assistant app. For questions about how much it will cost to make an app, you can decide on the features you want to include and begin the development with a tentative cost.

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