How To Terminate A Membership Paid For Using PayPal

How To Terminate A Membership Paid For Using PayPal

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If you regularly use PayPal to pay for anything, including subscriptions, you will eventually need to cancel your membership and want to know how to do so.


This is a very popular and safe way to pay on all kinds of websites, but more and more people are also using it to pay for subscriptions. For example, you can use PayPal to pay for services like Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime.

You might be signed up for more than you realize. We show you how to cancel your subscription if you want to stop getting emails.

How to stop a PayPal subscription in steps

You might have more PayPal subscriptions going on than you realize. Even though there are many other options besides PayPal, for many people, PayPal is the best way to send or receive money online.

Payment in three installments should not be confused with PayPal subscriptions or automatic payments since they are distinct. Let’s imagine you get into contracts with certain businesses and receive money from them each month.

For instance, PayPal may receive the recurring payment for additional storage you purchase from Google each month. It works in a way that is similar to how your bank takes care of your light. Follow these steps to stop a recurring payment.

Verify whether or not you are subscribed to PayPal.

Check to see if you have any active PayPal subscriptions right now. If you do, that’s the first thing you need to do to be able to cancel possible subscriptions.

If you go to the Activity section of the PayPal app for Android and scroll down through each action, you might find an “automatic payment.” But the truth is that we can’t manage or cancel active subscriptions from the PayPal app. We have to do this in the browser via this PayPal link.

Once you’re inside, you’ll be able to see what subscriptions you have. You can also sort by the ones that aren’t working. But what we’re most interested in is learning how to stop them.

Cancel your subscription

It would help if you searched through the current subscriptions to discover the one you want to cancel before you can do so.

Click “Cancel” after the subscription has been located in the list. When you click on the subscription, a button will pop up. In the picture below, we show you what we mean.

View of PayPal’s membership cancellation page

You’ll get a box to check that you didn’t give it by accident. If you want to keep going, click “Cancel,” and that’s it. Just like that.

When PayPal users cancel active subscriptions, they get an alert message.

You can go from one subscription to the next and cancel the ones you don’t want. It’s like telling your bank that you don’t want any more receipts from that company. When you cancel the subscription, you won’t have to worry about any more charges the following month.

This is a very easy way to handle automatic payments. If you haven’t tried it yet because you don’t have a PayPal account, you should know that it’s free and quick to set one up. From there, you can choose whether to manage your subscriptions this way or add one more direct debit from your bank account.

Differences between canceling a subscription in PayPal and canceling a service with the company

You have two options for stopping PayPal automatic payments:

You can directly cancel the subscription via PayPal.

Stop the service by calling the company directly (e.g., Google)

No additional payments will be sent to you by any means, including PayPal or the payment mechanism you have set up if you cancel the subscription directly with the provider. If you want to resubscribe and use PayPal to pay, you will need to setup it up again. If you cancel it in PayPal, however, the same will happen.

It is very helpful, especially when payments come to PayPal from subscriptions and you don’t know where they came from. Also, PayPal lets you start disputes and fight for your rights, which almost no one else does. Because of this, PayPal is highly valued, and we usually choose it over other options.

The benefits of using PayPal for subscription payments

If you use many different payment methods and subscribe to many different services, it may be hard for you to keep track of all your payments. You should use the same method to pay for your subscriptions if possible. So, you’ll be able to easily check all of your active subscriptions from one place, just like we teach you to do at PayPal. So you can see which ones are active and which aren’t without having to go to each website to look for them.

There are many reasons to do this. The main one is the order it creates since you’ll be able to check on your active subscriptions and see them all in one place at any time. Whenever it is not convenient for you to make the payment, you may also cancel them.

PayPal is also a great way to pay for subscriptions to sites you don’t trust or when you don’t want to give your credit card information. Also, it is often easy to get your money back.

Despite all of its features, PayPal subscriptions are cooler. You know how to control them so you can cancel them without dying.