Top Programming Languages For Building Blockchain Apps That You Must Know

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Since Blockchain is one of the most popular technologies and is doing great things in many different industries, many business owners are looking for ways to use it in their services. Blockchain has the potential to change the whole economy and open up a lot of good opportunities in healthcare, travel, education, and banking.

As blockchain technology has grown, so has the market for it. By 2024, it is expected to be worth around $20 billion. Blockchain is dominant in many fields, so anyone interested in technology should know the top programming languages that work best for Blockchain development services. This blog will talk about the top 10 programming languages for blockchains that everyone should know about.

10 of the best languages for building apps with Blockchain

Since Blockchain has become very popular, here are some of the best programming languages to use when making apps.


Many mobile app developers recommend PHP for developing blockchain apps with varying difficulty levels. The open-source community and object-oriented features are two of its best things.


Java is another well-known language for making Android apps. It is also a good choice for making blockchain apps. Based on C syntax, this language is preferred for creating smart contracts and dApps because it has features like OOP support, easy memory cleaning, many libraries, etc. IOTA, NEO, NEM, and Hyperledger Fabric are all examples of this.


Ruby is the best language for app development for people just starting. This is because many developers can use open-source APIs and plugins from third parties to create working prototypes of their ideas. The best thing about this is that it lets developers mix features from different languages to make a better platform.


People think JavaScript is one of the best blockchain languages for building apps and games. Blockchain programming with JavaScript has a lot of benefits, such as making it easier to get into the market, making it easier to scale up, giving you access to a variety of blockchain JavaScript frameworks, making integration easy, and a lot more.


Blockchain programming in Python isn’t just good for making IoT apps and network servers; it’s also helpful for Blockchain-as-a-service. This is used a lot to make dApps and smart contracts because it is easy to learn, has access to a dynamic architecture, works well for base and scripting, supports open source, is excellent for prototyping, etc. Steem, Hyperledger Fabric, and NEO are three of the best.


Solidity is the first blockchain language that interested people can learn. It is based on Javascript, Powershell, and C++. This language is helpful if you want to build ICOs and decentralized applications (dApps). Vitalik Buterin, who created Ethereum, made the language. It has many benefits, such as access to JavaScript infrastructures, easy for developers to use, statically typed, accurate, etc.


Microsoft made C# as a replacement for Java. It is an OOP language that has a lot of benefits for building enterprise apps, cloud apps, and apps that run on different platforms. This language is excellent for blockchain apps because it has parts of the C, SQL, and.NET frameworks. C# also stands out because it is open source, has a syntax that is easy to understand and can write code that works on different devices.


The C++ language is used to make cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Stellar, and others. It uses the OOP method, which is well-known for developing cryptocurrencies. Some of the best features are innovative CPU management and memory control, running parallel or non-parallel threads, moving semantics for copying data, isolating code for different data structures, etc.


One of the high-level blockchain programming languages that came out in November 2017 is called Simplicity. This is based on Ivy and uses a syntax similar to Haskell. This makes writing code much easier and more effective. It is mainly used to build smart contracts and blockchain solutions that work with Bitcoin and EVM because it is very mathematical and has a code line that humans can read.


The Go programming language is also on the list. It is easy to understand and has the best features of Python and JavaScript, such as scalability, flexibility, speed, etc. Because of these features, it is the best choice for building blockchain-based solutions specific to your needs. Go-Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric are two of the best ones.


Before getting into Blockchain app development, you should know the programming languages you can use. Whether you’re a business owner who requires to add a blockchain app or a new developer who wants to make a lot of money as a Blockchain developer, you should read this.

You should know that this technology has a lot of potentials to be used to build solutions based on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Read through the list above and pick the language that fits the need. If you still have questions, contact our skilled blockchain app developers, fluent in multiple programming languages, and can help you with any app development needs and advice!

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