How To Create An Eye-Catching Logo Animation

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Logos are being used more and more in the digital world. Between your laptop and cell phone screens, you’ll see many logos that catch your eye. Because logo design is getting more popular, there will be more competition in all fields for original pieces and graphics.

But you can add a secret ingredient to make your branding recipe stand out. Adding a touch of animation to your logo is the key that opening doors and bringing your product to the forefront. People won’t remember you unless you stand for something different.

Custom logo animations are indeed the frontline fighters of your business. They beat up all of your competitors and put you on top. So, to make the perfect recipe, you must understand the secret ingredients and how to blend them. In the same way, we are making a simple recipe for making your logo animations.

Why does your brand need a custom-made logo animation?

In the past few years, when it came to marketing and problems, brands only focused on making logos that could be printed. But as the world has become more digital and technology has helped, logo animations have come about.

A static logo is required, but animations that move from one thing to another and catch the eye raise the bar. Media has given people enough room to see how different parts can work together to make smooth animations. When everyone else is doing normal things, why not add something special with logo animations?

Steps to your amazing logo animation

Things can’t be done as fast as you can blink. So, to get anywhere, you have to pay attention to each step you need to take. So, let’s start the process of making your logo move.

Step 1: Create the logo file.

After swimming through the ocean of coming up with ideas and making designs, you finally have your logo design in hand and can jump into the next one. Get the logo file ready with Adobe Illustrator. A logo in vector format is important so the design quality doesn’t get messed up. For the logo to move smoothly, it needs to be made up of layers. When you’re finished, exporting their layered logo file is easy.

Step 2: Open Adobe After Effects and then import the logo file.

At first, the complicated features of the interface might give you a small heart attack. Let’s make it easy for you, though.

⦁ It has basic tools for drawing and making graphics.
⦁ Project panel: The project panel is where you can manage and organize your project and media files.
⦁ The Composition window: The sneak peek window lets you see how the animation will look when you are done with the compositions you are making.
⦁ The control panel lets you do many different things, like manage media, change visual effects, and much more.
⦁ Timeline: A timeline is on the right, where you can make your animation.

Step 3: Make an animation.

Composing an animation means adding effects and layers and changing the media files. Since there are so many features for stacking and pre-composing, use them all carefully and step by step to make the animation. With adding the effect to the logo, it is important to move on to the next step on the timeline.

Step 4: Set a time frame

Keyframes are the most important parts of a program that let you set the time frame. It lets you choose your animations’ starting and finishing points, so you can decide how long the whole thing will last. But the time limit requires you to know the following:

  • Location of the logo
  • Scaling determines the size of the logo.
  • Rotation tells you how your logo is positioned and lets you make a spinning effect.

Step 5: Set the timing of the animation

Choosing the right time is important with all the effects you’ve added to the logo animation. The graph editor lets you change and set the times for animations. The different lengths of time depending on the effects you use. So be smart about your research and know how long the effect you want to use in your logo design animations will likely take.

Step 6: Save the logo animation file.

When you use Adobe After Effects, you can save logo animation files in MP4 format to keep the animation’s quality. But since the point of making an animated logo is to share it, you should export it as an animated GIF file. Finally, your logo animation is ready to be stunning and catch people’s attention immediately.


The simple guide is the easy way to get the logo animations you want. The six steps on your screen show how a logo goes from being still to being animated in a way that attracts customers. You will get to your goal of a strong presence step by step, mile by mile.